Communication is Key! (COVID-19 update)

Hi everyone, as you can imagine Vine Gogh is taking a significant hit due to the Virus. We are trying to keep some cash flowing so we can pay our employees in this time of hardship and I just wanted to keep you all updated.

From now through the end of March we are capping our classes to 10 students. This will allow a nice comfortable distance in our social environment. Classes with zero registrations are being canceled, and low attendance classes are subject to cancellation. We will be in touch with you should your class be affected. We will be issuing people Coupon Codes to be used to sign up for a session once this storm has passed.

In terms of communication, we would request that you use the chat feature at the bottom of our website to communicate with us. Jenny and I are the only 2 that handle customer service and with the volume of calls and also trying to keep everyone updated and make adjustments it is much easier for us to reply and keep track of who has been helped and who hasn't.

We will get through this and be stronger from it, your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

Much Love,

Paul and Jenny

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