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Coronavirus: What we're doing and how you can help!

What a time we live in! In a good way and a sometimes not-so-hot way. I have a lot of friends who are small retail business owners, and they've all been hit by slow sales, as people are a little wary about going out socially. This is a time that is fairly new... a new virus pandemic and millions of people with instant access to media and lots of information being shared across multiple social platforms. It can be overwhelming, and, as a parent, my job is to remain calm for my kiddos while also trying to figure out what to do about keeping us healthy, keeping us from worrying, keeping the business up and running, and keeping my employees paid.

I was inspired by some of my business-owner friends' public posts to their clients about how they are handling things in-house to lower the risk of contamination while still keeping the business open and running. Lucky for us, our studio manager, Eileen, has always been a self-proclaimed "Germophobe" and she definitely has our staff going the extra mile cleanliness-wise. Here's the "Eileen" run-down on the cleaning side:

We have hand-sanitizers in place at the front counter when you walk in. We spray everything down with lysol before and after each event. Dishes are run through on the longest setting with the hot water setting. The bathrooms are always cleaned with different rags for each surface, and door handles and faucets are sanitized. After the brushes are cleaned with hot water, the handles are also sprayed with sanitizer. Paint rags and aprons are laundered on the sanitize setting with bleach.

These are great things to help disinfect surfaces, but the big thing we want to ask is that if you think you have possibly been exposed, or are not feeling well, have a cough, fever, etc, that you please cancel your paint session with us and take a raincheck... we always offer a raincheck for illness! No one wants to get sick, but this particular one is a doozy for elderly and medically compromised people. The little things we can do to stop the spread will go a long way. We may end up capping our classes down to allow "social distancing", but honestly the classes are capping themselves at the moment.

We'd like to be here for you in the summer and through the next holiday season, once things get calmed down. We can only do that if we have some support during the rough times. If you are afraid to come in, please consider our at-home program! If we all end up quarantined, it might just keep you from getting cabin fever. This is a program we've been doing since September, and it is called "The Gogh Box". You can purchase individual projects, or subscribe and get 2 monthly projects for $35 (paints, canvas or wood, instructions, shipping, etc are all included). You can do the project on your own with the printed directions, or you can log onto our YouTube channel and follow along our live interactive video. We also have group packages if you want to gather with a couple of friends. We're an easy-going family owned business so there's no drama with canceling anytime. Another option would be to purchase a Vine Gogh gift certificate to use at a later date (these can be purchased via our website). Book a small private party with us in the studio if you like!

Paul and I and the rest of the team would like to thank you all for your support for the last 9 years! We've had a wonderful time. We send our best wishes, good vibes for health, wealth, and love. Keep calm and wash your hands - we can get through this :)




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