Meet the Owners!

First off welcome to our new blog! You can visit here often to see what's going on at Vine Gogh, we'll also include a lot of what inspires us, motivates us and just anything else that we feel like sharing. We decided that for our first blog post we would like to introduce ourselves as the owners of Vine Gogh.

Meet Jenny and Paul Schildan! Of course if you've been around the studios much you have probably met one or both of them or even taken a class from them. Paul and Jenny met the 1st day of Freshman year of college in music class. Jenny was majoring in art with a minor in music, while Paul was a music major.

Paul and Jenny Schildan

They quickly became good friends, and within a couple of weeks Jenny had convinced Paul to come to one of her painting classes with her. By spring term Paul had also signed up for painting, life drawing and basic design.... Basically any chance he could get to spend more time with Jenny, who he was dating by this time. Within 6 months they were engaged, and 2 years later were married. Like most young married couples money wasn't abundant and they discovered it would be cheaper to keep taking painting classes at the local Community College than to try to go out for dinner or movies a couple times a week. What came next was a manufacturing business founded with Paul's parents, kids, a house in the burbs, Jenny of course maintained her painting and art skills by outfitting homes in the Street of Dreams with her artwork and eventually working as a professional cake decorator. Fast forward to 2011. The doorbell rang at home and a neighbor was standing on the porch asking if Jenny would be interested in a business opportunity. Pretty quickly Paul replied "sorry we aren't interested in Multi Level Marketing", having gone that road a time or two already. The neighbor went on to explain about a business she had visited in Denver and thought it would be fun to do in Portland, some kind of Wine Bar where people walk you through a painting and you take it home with you. The neighbor wasn't an artist and was looking for an artistic partner to start a similar business with. She knew Jenny had been the artist in residence at the local elementary school and thought she might be interested. Within 4 months a lease was signed in Sellwood and Vine Gogh was born.

Of course Vine Gogh grew fast as the first #sipandpaint studio in Portland, and expansion became necessary. In 2013 the Tigard Studio opened and then in 2016 expanded to incorporate Vincent's loft. In March of 2018 Paul and his parents sold the business they had started together in 1997, and Paul and Jenny decided it was time to make a big swing and offered to buy out the co-founder of Vine Gogh. On April 26th, their daughter's 12th birthday, documents were signed making Jenny and Paul full owners of Vine Gogh, LLC and all of the studios affiliated with it.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support. Our entire lives are rooted in art, our love, our family and luckily enough our career. We have a vision to continue to expand our love of art by sharing what we know and what we continue to learn. We consider our staff and our customers all as part of our art family... and the wine never hurts either!

Thanks for being a part of our adventure; we look forward to many more years together with all of you.

Jenny & Paul

Cheers and thanks for the adventure!

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