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SkeleGlow Class

One of our most-loved classes coming this season is our "Glitter Skeleton" class. I love teaching this class; I love collecting the materials, going crazy-creative and watching the students do so as well. If I could, I would do this class year round; I just don't know if people are as into "Halloween-ish" decor as my family is. I might end up with a storage unit full of sad, waiting-to-glow skelegirls and skelebros. Plus, let's face it, we're limited to seasonal supplies on hand! Having it be seasonal also makes it super special.

His & Hers: Make it a Date Night!

My 12-year old, Greta, heads up the process of this event. As soon as she spots the first retail store Halloween decoration mid-summer, she's on my case to begin the "bone collection". Even at 12 she still has that cute kid way of assigning hearts and personalities to inanimate objects, like stuffed animals and... well... skeletons. This is why we have four of these bedazzled boneys (including one leaning Voodoo queen with scoliosis) sitting year-round on a shelf above our front door. I have to admit, it all looks pretty cool with my old cello and music stand up there (and the natural cobwebs that endlessly appear). It's a great conversation piece...

Cello Skellos... taken this a.m.

First step: Collect the bones with Greta. This is fun, and we get asked a lot of questions.

Proud Mum pushing babies in a Pram

The ride back to the studio with a car full of skeletons is a laugh-filled blast. Especially if we put the windows down.

Like dogs, Skeletons also enjoy the wind on their faces

Once back at the studio, the skeletons will hang out on the couch for a while until we're ready for class.

See how happy they are?? Just waiting for their makeovers!

We can usually get two full classes per season, and they sell out remarkably fast. Along with the skeletons, we also pick up multi-colored glitter (my favorite is the finely-milled black glitter!), silk flowers (black roses look awesome), plastic spiders, feather boas and pretty much anything you can attach with hot glue. The class lasts about 2 - 2.5 hours. I'll guide you through the process of painting the faces in a sugar skull style (using the colors YOU like), decorating the bodies with floral and dot designs, and even applying gold leaf to a tooth or two (because it looks AWESOME). Everyone's skeleton looks remarkably different. Creativity is highly-encouraged. I'll offer LOTS of ideas and let you go for it. And... maybe I'll even get an idea or two from you!

Beautiful ladies - glittering and glowing. Done by students last year.

We've just uploaded the first class today, and hope you can join the fun! Here's a signup link to the event, which will be Saturday, Sept. 29th at 6:30pm in Tigard (our Vincent's Loft space): https://www.vinegogh.com/events-1/glitter-skeletons

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