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We started the business 9 years ago to have fun sharing a passion for art that has been part of our life together since day one! Vine Gogh grew fast, too fast, and it made us expand to a studio on the Westside. The business machine was rolling at full speed and 2 years ago we recognized our passion had been taken over by this machine. Our lease at Tigard was coming to an end and we decided to reclaim some sanity and let that expire.

Jenny and I love our business relationship with Skamania Lodge and frequently while driving up the Gorge our conversations would turn to daydreams about how we would change the business. Time and again the notion of smaller more intimate class sizes came up, but again who had time to change the course of "the machine"... Covid - 19 did... And we listened.

Our Studio capacity has been reduced from 32 painters at our long community easels. We now can seat 16 painters at tables. In order for us to be able to maintain distancing we are selling attendance by the table rather than individual tickets. It allows us to better plan for your visit. We have 2 tables available for 4 painters, and 4 tables for 2. When you "buy" a table the price includes admission and paint supplies for the given project. Of course we are requiring masks and following strict sanitizing processes during and after classes.

A quick note about our location name. We have always referred to the studio as our Sellwood location. Technically the studio is in the West Moreland neighborhood now and as such we will be referring to it as our Moreland studio going forward. We are doing this to minimize confusion regarding business developments that are in the works.

Thanks so much for your support! We have missed seeing you in the studio and are excited to welcome you in again!

Paul & Jenny

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